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Luxury, Classy, Beauty is our Door & Window Awnings             
This is what you get with Silver Wing HIGH QUALITY Awnings. We strive to give our customer the BEST because of your hardworking investment, your HOME. Silver Wing Awnings are designed with durability, asthetics, and HIGH performance in mind.            
SilverWing Awning offers the BEST for 3 types of Brackets           
1. Engineered PVC which is UV stabilized that offers a 10 year arranty           
2. Stainless Steel that offers a 20 year Warranty           
3. Aluminum Alloy that offers a 20 year Warranty            
SilverWing Provides 4 Different HIGH QUALITY Awings           
1. HIGH QUALITY Clear Awning is a clear strong, lighweight Polycarbonate Awning designed to withstand the most EXTREME weather conditions, which includes Hurricane, Typhoons, and more.           
2. HIGH QUALITY Aluminum composite Awning. A highly durable Aluminum composite Awning which provides MAXIMUM shade and Superior aesthetics.           
3. HIGH QUALITY Brown tinted Awning. A durable tinted Awning that blocks the direct sun, but filters the light through.           
4. HIGH QUALITY Blue, Green, Milk White, and more Awning that blocks the direct sun, but filters the light through.           
UV Resistant           
As we know, and medical study has proven, the damage that can be caused by prolonged exposure to the HARMFUL UVRAYS. Silver Wing Awning are designed to prevent up to 99% of the sun HARMFUL UVRAYS, providing protection to your HOME and FAMILY.           
SilverWing Awning are SPECIALLY coated with UNIQUE formula to protect from abrasive cleaning chemicals, and Our product are non-toxic, and environmental SAFE which provides no THREAT to HUMANS or PETS           
Impact Resistance           
DOUBLE layer composite construction is why our product is rated HIGH QUALITY. Silve Wing Awning was the first in the industry to use composite construction techniques to achieve the HIGHEST QUALITY AWNING at the BEST PRICE.           
Silver Wing Awning are DOUBLE coated with a PVC core, for STRENGTH, DURABILITY, and VERSATILITY. Our product combined with layers of protective outdoor coating, Silver Wing Awing are designed to give a SUPERIOR, LUXURY, CLASSY,and BEAUTIFUL apperance to your HOME.

Standard size:


Depth70cm Depth80cm Depth90cm Depth100cm Depth120cm Depth150cm
W60xD60 W80xD70 W80xD80 W100xD90 W100xD100 W100xD120 W100xD150
W80xD60 W100xD70 W100xD80 W120xD90 W120xD100 W120xD120 W120xD150
W100xD60 W120xD70 W120xD80 W150xD90 W150xD100 W150xD120 W150xD150
W160xD60 W160xD70 W160xD80 W240xD90 W240xD100 W240xD120 W200xD150
W240xD60 W240xD70 W240xD80 W300xD90 W300xD100 W300xD120 W300xD150

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