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Awning Characteristics
  • Aesthetic feeling: With tree structure and hollow out design, the new awnings have concise and fluent shape and elegant appearance and subvert the impression of traditional awning products.

  • practical applicability: The new awnings are widely used for weather shed upon door and window,corridor, avenue, air-conditioner and other devices.

  • Safty: Made of lightweight materials,the new awnings will not hurt people or break objects seriously even falling down from wall due to force majeure.

  • Convenience:Being easy and simple to install or exchange, no need welding, saving time and efforts.

  • Environment-friendly:Made of 100% new material,non toxic,non-pollution and environment-friendly.All components can be recycled.

  • Immobility: Adopting 100% new plastic alloy, modified strength material and One-time injection molding,very secure.

  • Low price: The cost of plastic alloy is only one third of awning made of stainless steel. Being easy to assembly and install saves a lot of installation charge.
  • Advancement: Adapting the latest design, the brackets and fixing bar are fixed by screws tightly to prevent components falling down. It is the patented product.

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